Let's Play Minecraft

Operation Diamond is about building a community that likes to simply play Minecraft and have as much fun as possible in the game.

We are looking for unique individuals that want to contribute to the community by making awesome creations, contributing awesome content, and making other community members laugh hard and smile.

Who knows, this may be your opertunity to become the next Minecrafter everyone is talking about.

For YouTubers and Streamers

We provide a platform for both seasoned and noob video creators.  Recording videos and streaming gameplay on our servers is not only allowed, but it is encourgaged.

Our platform provides the opertunity for seasoned YouTubers and Streamers to interact with their fans and subscribers.  We can even help set up a zone dedicated for you in our community website.  At the very least, you can enjoy interacting with your fans by playing together in one of our servers.

Our Servers

We understand that finding great servers to play on is hard.  The gaming servers run by Operation Diamond are quality dedicated servers that focus on delivering the best performance and experiance possible.

As the comminty expands, Operation Diamond plans to expand too, and will be adding new servers dedicated to game play styles that the community wants.

Our first server is the Enhanced Survival Server.  Information for community member to play on it can be found here: Enhanced Survival Server.

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Operation Diamond is Online


Specters_Ghost is in the usergroup ‘Administrators’

  • Posted August 5th 2017, 2:52 pm
  • By Specters_Ghost

Hello Minecraft Fans!

The Operation Diamond webiste is online in beta mode.  We are accepting membership applications (by joining the website) to be part of our community and play on our whitelisted server.

Operation Diamond is focusing on building a community of mature mincraft players that enjoy working together and having fun.  The website is currently in beta mode as we focus on bringing the needed functionality to the site.  Please feel free to join and let us know how we can improve the community experiance.  Also, bring a few friends along as it is always more fun to play with friends.

Our first server is the Operation Diamond Enhanced Survival server.  This is a modded server and requires the use of a client side mod pack being hosted at CurseForge.  The mod pack is currently in its alpha stages, but is being worked on for a true release soon.

We are excited about this new community and hope you are too.  We are looking forward to playing with you soon!